Care Guide


We are proud to create beautiful designs made from the finest raw materials. Each Willow piece will have it's own care label and tailored instructions on how to best care for your favourite piece. We recommend following these instructions to prolong the beauty and longevity of the piece for years to come. 


Fabric Care 


Willow recommends washing your cotton garments in a gentle cycle wash or normal cycle in cold water with like colours. Air drying will prevent the garment from any shrinkage. Knitted cotton styles are recommended to be folded to keep it's shape. 


Willow recommends storing your leather garments in a climate controlled area such as a closet. Do no place near a direct source of heat or direct sunlight as this will cause the leather to fade and potentially discolour. Avoid wrinkles in the leather by hanging the garment on a hanger.  


As Silk is a naturally delicate fabric, it can require extra care. Willow recommends hand washing silk pieces or professional dry cleaning to prevent the material from becoming damaged. 


Willow recommends folding knitwear instead of hanging to keep it's shape. Do not machine wash, instead take extra care by hand washing in cold water and gently rolling your washed knitwear in a clean towel to draw out excess water. Dry knitwear on a clean flat towel and gently ease back into shape. 

Always refer to the care label as different styles/blends may require special attention.